S.E. Rogie 'The Sounds Of S.E. Rogie Vol. 1'

S.E. Rogie 'The Sounds Of S.E. Rogie Vol. 1'
Mississippi/Change Records, 2013 // MRP-050

Absolutely gorgeous collection of 'palm wine' guitar from Sierra Leone's S.E. Rogie.

This mix of electric blues and acoustic numbers was all recorded in the early 60s and draws on traditional West African 'highlife' music, folk and early American rock. There's even a quaint take on country called "I Wish I Was A Cowboy." What's not to love?

Rogie doesn't have an extensive discography, so it's a win just to have these all in one place. Plus, it invariably puts me in a good mood.

Strange fact: His last recorded work was entitled "Dead Men Don't Smoke Marijuana." Oh, and he died of a heart attack after, against a doctor's advice, he traveled to Russia to perform.