Dot Wiggin Band 'Ready! Get! Go!'

Dot Wiggin Band 'Ready! Get! Go!'
Alternative Tentacles, 2013 // virus460

First of all, for anyone who's heard this, tell that Dot doesn't sometimes sound like Laetitia Sadier.


There's definitely that flat, space age timbre here. Maybe the lead singer of Electrelane I'm thinking about.

Anyway, this is exactly what you'd expect... Dot's back, singing about dogs and speed limits and it's all in those irregular vocal stylings you remember from the Shaggs. She's accompanied by professionals here, but everything's still all wonky. There are a few times when you think the melody's going 'right' or that something's starting to make sense, but then you're thrown another non sequitur.

All in all, a respectable return to form. Big endorsement.