Protestant Ethic

Can I count this as my one of my favorite 'reissues' of the year, if not leading the pack, is the latest Vatican Shadow, strangely at home on Modern Love. "Death Is Unity With God" is actually a condensed version of an eight-cassette box originally released in 2102. It's a slow ride through a very somber and bleak place. Dominick Furnow also has an epic new Prurient project out soon. This early glimpse is promising.


On a related note, I was finally able to grab Alberich's 'NATO-Uniformen,' which was recently resurrected from its original eight-cassette format to an abridged double LP by (Fernow's) Hospital Productions.

Pulverized beats coupled with distorted and commanding vocals that conjure the feeling of living in some sort of futuristic state of oppression

Here's the original in full four-hour glory.