Pop Jams

Holly Herndon "Interference" // Forget those records we placed aboard space probes and launched into space, when we finally do make contact with aliens, we'll just call Holly Herndon. Here's a great convo she did at Red Bull Academy last fall.


Thomas Brinkmann "Agent Orange" // Brutal electronics from Mr. Brinkmann, who's back with a new record on Mego shortly. On headphones this sounds like riding a helicopter into hell. Loved his contributions to Oren Ambarchi's "Quixotism" last year. Not the guy I remember from my early minimal days. This is stunning.


Sheer Mag "Button Up" // Even if proper spring is weeks away, this glam boogie gem will keep my heart full of hope.  


Alice Coltrane "Oh Allah" // Sublime. Soon getting the reissue treatment from Superior Viaduct.


C-Duncan "Here To There" // Breezy bedroom pop from a Scottish cat who's apparently classically trained. Nice!


Kero Kero Bonito "Picture This" // Sharp commentary on the power of nostalgia.