The Best Songs I Heard All Weekend

I'm getting cable today, so there's a chance I'll just curl up, start watching that show about the weirdo who fixes angry cats and embark on a new life that includes nothing but television. Because there's always a chance, here's a longer-than-usual roundup of new stuff:

Let's start with this killer edit of Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On." It's hard to imagine adding swagger to Plant's vocals, but this groovy rethink sorta tries. This is tight. 


I like the new How To Dress Well!


Prostitutes' latest for Spectrum Spools. Slightly genius, slightly evil.


Viscious Liquid is the moniker of Rhys Williams, a UK-based lo-fi dream-pop project that first got its legs on Soundcloud. "When I See You" is one part jangle, one part shoegaze and one part beach-y West Coast cool.


This Coyote Clean Up track is from last year's "2 Hot 2 Wait" lp, but i listened to it quite a bit on a recent trip to Dubai, so i can't get it out of my head. It's an Italo-style disco track along the lines of a lot of what 100% Silk is known for. Either way, it makes me think of Ferraris at the moment.


VesperTown is an Israeli producer whose new single, "Fancy" will be out on Brighton imprint Donky Pitch (The Range) next month. Everyone's intrigued by his mysteriously simple Facebook page. This one is sweet — I can see it being a summer jam. If summer happens.


I'm not sure about this track, but I do have to admit that James Kelly has a great voice. He's the former 'post black metal' band singer who now records as WIFE. His full-length, "What's Between," is out on Tri-Angle in June. 


Four Tet. 


Finally, this mix from Donky Pitch is tip top... even if you don't have time to tackle the full set, check out the the track at 01:12:00.

So long!