Weekend Update

Well, let's kick things off with something on the way from Blackest Ever Black. This is ex-Young Marble Giant Allison Statton on vocals in a short-lived project that's seeing a set of 1981 demos reissued on vinyl for the first time. It's sweet and ethereal.

This is sneak peak from next month's 'Waterfall' ep is a monster. Evian Christ's latest is just a sheer sonic terror.  Maybe I just like it more because Kanye's not on it. Out on Tri-Angle March 18.

And speaking of Tri-Angle, the forthcoming 'That's Harikari' from Milwaukee next-level juke mastermind Sd Laika drops in April.  'Meshes' will rattle your skull.


Ok, moving right along, we have some post punky thing that's normally not really my bag, but in this case it's pretty sweeping and epic there at the end so it's got a big thumbs up. Give this one a chance. It doesn't get it's legs until a couple minutes in.

Austrian Fennesz is back in April with on Editions Mego. From the sounds of this, he's still just being Fennesz. Not much in the way of a departure, but gorgeous stuff.

The Daniel Avery treatment for Factory Floor's 'How You Say' is gauzy in the right ways.

That's the wrap-up on the SoundCloud crack-up. Working a lot this weekend, so concluding with what's most likely to be on the headphones at the coffee shop... Finn Johannsen Hot Wax 014 from Berlin Community Radio

Happy Friday! And check out the full March playlist here.