Move D ‘The KM20 Tapes (1992 – 1996)’

Move D ‘The KM20 Tapes (1992 – 1996)’
Off Minor Recordings, 2013 (Netherlands)

Cheers to the serendipitous discovery.

I had a quick day trip to New York on Thursday. The meeting ended about twenty minutes ahead of schedule, which gave us just enough time to grab lunch. Or, if you’re me, walk two blocks down Lafayette from where we’d had our meeting and hit Other Music.

I had about ten minutes in the shop and needed to scramble, so I drifted toward where I typically gravitate in situations when I’m short on time: The wall of pulled records and staff recos. It goes without saying that OM are venerable curators, and while their weekly email’s a can’t-miss, there were a few in the racks that I wasn’t familiar with. And I’m very pleased that one of those I stumbled upon was this sublime collection electro-inspired cuts from Move D, aka Heidelberg, Germany’s David Moufang.

Move D recorded this stuff back in the early 90s, but these breaks are all pretty timeless. "Ovi Rise" is a favorite, an acid-tinged club banger that’s got an outstanding bass mix and amazing snares. I’m also in love with the sublime electro of “Ground Zero."

This is all early work from Move D that’s being reissued by Jordan Czamanski’s fairly new Dutch label Off Minor. Looking forward to hearing what’s next