David Van Tieghem X Ten ‘Fits & Starts’

David Van Tieghem X Ten ‘Fits & Starts’
RVNG Intl., 2013 // FRKWYS10

The latest installment in RVNG Int.'s excellent FRKWYS series features storied percussionist David Van Tieghem and ten young experimental musicians, including household names like Maxmillion Dunbar and — my current crush — Blanche Blanche Blanche.. (If you're not familiar with Van Tieghem, by the way, he's got a respectable CV across of range of the arts.)

The documentary below does a much better job and explaining how it all worked, but the upshot is this:

  • The young musicians nailed a bunch of junk on a bulletin board (everything intended to be a percussive device);
  • Van Tieghem drummed on this junk in a performance recorded on four-track;
  • young musicians remixed the recording and gave it back to Van Tieghem who 'edited' and 'mixed' 
  • It all turned out alright.

The film explains more... but yes, recommended for fans of remixed, ramshackle weirdness.

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